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In October of 2019, the Bulley Bulley designers were invited to create an Artist's Response to the OQ and Circa co-production of Gluck's Orpheus & Eurydice. 

Music, like love is an irresistible force. As artists, this collaboration with Opera Queensland has been a fantastic journey into the heart of love and passion. Listening to this opera deepens the beauty of the classic mythos of Orpheus and Eurydice, and it was an exciting opportunity to translate this into fashion.


The BULLEY BULLEY artist response to Orpheus & Eurydice saw the creation of two contemporary outfits that played on various motifs from the Opera. These elements focus on the moment between love and loss. The motif of the venomous snake, the agent of Eurydice's death on her wedding day, is transformed into a catalyst for change and the symbolic start of this amazing journey. While the veil takes on a double meaning as the symbol of a new love-partnered life, as well as being a reference to the shroud of death. Emphasising the fragility of life. 

These works were installed in Queensland Performing Arts Centre for the duration of the Orpheus & Eurydice season (24 Oct - 9 Nov 2019). 

Photograper: Deelan Do; Models: Remi Roehrs and Max Donker 

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