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The word BODICE originated from the plural of body. Early corsets were made of two parts laced together at the front and back. Separate pieces tied together to hold the body in its embrace. A pair of bodies. 


If we marry these two pieces togather into a singular entity is it therefore called a BODY? It feels like a body. It has shape, form, dimention. It forms the shell around a hollow body-like shape. That hollow space begs the question; could this BODY house your body?


All designs are made to order at my home studio in Brisbane. If you are buying an in-stock item your order will be shipped within 3 days. If you are buying a custom or made to order item your purchase will be delivered to you within two-three weeks from the time you place your order. 




  • BODY CORSETS are made from a Wool/Polyester blend suiting fabric. 

  • Corsets are size adjustable via lacing at back. Recommended sizing is as follows.  
    Size Bust Waist
    XXS 80cm 61cm
    XS 84cm 65cm
    S 88cm 69cm
    M 92cm 73cm
    L 97cm 78cm
    XL 102cm 83cm

    For custom sizes order a corset of any size and contact us with your measurements. 

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