The daisy beret is made out of authentic sunshine and kitten dander. By gently placing it upon your head you can rise above the mundanities of contemporary life and ascend to higher plains. Be careful what you wish for. 


The daisy beret is hand painted and every one is different to the last.


All designs are made in my home studio in Brisbane. For custom made garments your purchase will be delivered to you within three weeks from the time you place your order. Premade garments will be shipped within 3 days of placing your order. 


  • The daisy beret comes in three sizes. You will have to measure the horizontal circumference of your head to determine what size will suit you best. 

    S - 54cm

    M - 56cm

    L - 58cm

    The gals are wearing a daisy beret in size M. 


    Daisy berets are made in hand painted cotton fleece, with a cotton/elastane lining. Send us an email if you would like to order this style in a different fabric.