These easy-fit gingham ruffle pants were originally designed to be worn to a gingham themed birthday. Since that time they have become a staple in my wardrobe and I've been making them for friends and lovers upon request. 


They are silly. I think thats why I love them and other people are drawn to them. They feel a little clownish, a little feminine, a little country. A lot Dolly Parton. 


All designs are made to order at my home studio in Brisbane. Your purchase will be delivered to you within three weeks from the time you place your order. 




  • The gingham ruffle pants are an easy fit and come in sizes 8-16.


    Maggie wears white linen/ cotton lawn ruffle pants in a size 14 for a baggy look but she usually wears a ladies 10. Remi wears yellow gingham ruffle pants in a size 10. 


    I can make these in Black, Pink, Navy or Yellow gingham. The fabric is 100% cotton gingham.

    These also come in plain White linen or Grey/ Black linen with black painted daisies. We are also working on some fun coloured linens so shoot us a DM if you have any requests.