The Dick Avery was made to dance. Pull your trousers up as high as they will go and start to move your hips like Ricky Martin is your spiritual guru. As your body starts to gyrate the daisies will grow limbs, pull themselves free of the trousers and start to dance with you, around you, within you. You may find that you cant stop dancing. Your feet may blister, your joints start to grind and tears will flow freely down your face. But this doesn't matter. You have reached a higher plane of existence. 


Ricky Martin is proud of you. 


All designs are made to order at my home studio in Brisbane. If you are buying a pre-made item your order will be shipped within 3 days. If you are buying a custom made item your purchase will be delivered to you within three weeks from the time you place your order. 




  • This pair of Dicks is made from citrus green linen and has been hand painted with our signature daisies. Each pair comes with four regular sized pockes and one very small pocket. 


    Chris is wearing a Medium, which has a 34" waist, 46" out seam and a 32" in seam. For custom fabrications, sizes and hem lengths, email us directly. 


    XX Small waist 28"

    X Small waist 30"

    Small waist 32" 

    Medium waist 34"

    Large waist 36"

    X Large waist 38"