The Jelly Partons are full of ceaseless movement. Generously flared and ruffled, they just make your legs want to shimmy and writhe. Slow and perpetul like a jellyfish through the ocean. Timeless and spangled like a young Dolly on the stage of the Good Old Opry. The wonder of the great and powerful ocean and the mysterious figue of the country music cowboy have come together at last in one item of clothing.


The Jelly Partons are made to order at the Bulley Bulley home studio in Brisbane. As this item will be made to order your purchase will be delivered to you within two-three weeks from the time you place your order.


  • Jelly Partons are made in a medium weight washed linen with a soft, buttery handle. Ruffled trim is made from cotton organdy. Organdy ruffles are finished with a 'pinked' edge and will fray lightly with washing.